What is RPL?

‘Not everyone has the same opportunities when it comes to receiving formal education or training. Some people gain their skills in other ways, such as non-formal study or previous work experience. Take for example Healthcare Professionals who have been working in aesthetics of years. They have acquired skills in facial anatomy, injection techniques, safe use and placement of products, to name but a few, however, they don’t have recognised qualification to evidence these competencies.’ 

Does this sound like you?  

You still have a chance to have your knowledge, skills, and work experience formally recognised through Recognised Prior Learning (RPL).  

MAP-IQ provide an assessment process to allow practitioners working in aesthetic practice to evidence their competence ie knowledge and skills, in aesthetic practice and converting these skills into a level 7 nationally and internationally recognised qualification awarded by VTCT (Link to level 7 website page). 

Gaining qualifications through the RPL route is not as simple as it sounds, but MAP-IQ has provided a simple stage by stage process (RPL Website page link) to guide you through. First you need to meet our entry criteria, and your experience must match the learning outcomes of the qualification. For example, if you wish to gain recognition in clinical aesthetic injectables you need the appropriate knowledge and practice-based skill to enable you to pass the assessments. 

Obtaining a level 7 diploma in clinical aesthetics through the RPL process is ideal for the busy aesthetic professional. Rather than having to undertake a full programme of learning, much of which you may have already covered, the RPL route provides a ready made assessment process to map your existing knowledge and skills which can be done at your own speed and in your own time. Thus, fitting in with your busy lifestyle and business commitments 

You deserve to have all your hard-earned prior learning recognised. The RPL route does just this by awarding you with a recognised qualification which you will hold for a lifetime!   

Image: Books Stack Literature – Free photo on Pixabay