Level 7 Diploma in Clinical Aesthetics - RPEL Process


Welcome to the homepage of the level 7 Diploma in Clinical Aesthetic RPEL assessment platform.

The RPEL FastTrack assessment process consists of:

  1. Stage 1 Internal Assessment  – The Short Answer Response (SAR) Assignment.
  2. Stage 2 Internal Assessment  – The Literature Review Skills (LRS) Assignment.
  3. Stage 3 External Assessment – The Written Exam
  4. Stage 4 Internal Assessment –  The Practical Skills Assessment.

As an experienced aesthetic practitioner, the next step in the RPEL process is to attend an informal mapping exercise with a qualified and approved MAP-IQ assessor. This will involve a two-way discussion where your previous learning and experience will be documented for quality assurance purposes. Please do not worry yourself too much about this exercise, the fact that you have reached this point and met the entry criteria will typically be sufficient to sign off for RPEL exemption for one or both of the internal assignments.

In addition to exemption from undertaking the clinical observations and supervised treatments for both botulinum toxin and soft tissue fillers, further exemption can be claimed for the following assessment processes:

  1. The Short Answer Response (SAR) assignment ( which cover the learning outcomes for unit 1 and unit 2) and or
  2. The Literature Review Skills (LRS) assignment ( which cover the learning outcomes for Unit 6). 

Successful completion of both mapping exercises will offer exemption from undertaking the Short Answer Responses (SAR) assignment and or the Literature  Review Skills (LRS) assignment and allow you to proceed directly to the online written exam and OSCE assessment. However, we strongly recommend that you start with at the induction section and read through the content and resources of all stages in preparation for the written exam and OSCE assessment. There are no circumstances where learners can claim exemption from the written exam or OSCE assessment.

If you choose not to claim further RPEL exemption for stage 1 assessment (the SARs assignment,) you should proceed to the induction and study skills sessions, and then onto assessment stage 1 of the assessment process. On completion of stage 1 assessment you should then proceed to stage 2 assessment (the LRS assignment), alternatively, you can make a new exemption claim for stage 2 assessment – the Literature Review Skills (LRS) assignment. Whichever assessment route you chose to take, both stage 1 and stage 2 must be completed prior to taking the written exam and OSCE.

RPEL mapping exercises are conducted online via Microsoft Teams and typically lasts no more than 1 hour. Please contact us at admin@map-iq-org to arrange a date for your mapping exercise.

We would also encourage you to join our private learner facebook group where you can ask questions and network with other learners. You can also join our online ‘Question and Answer’ session which is held every other Thursday at 6.30-7.00 pm via Microsoft Teams.

We wish you success on your journey to achieving a VTCT Level 7 Diploma in Clinical Aesthetics Injectable Treatments. Remember we are here to support you. You can email us if you have a query or visit our private Facebook forum to network and ask questions.


Stage 1 Assessment-(Short Answer Responses Assignment)

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