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LO 1 – Review clinical literature within the discipline of aesthetic practice.

LO 2 – Maintain academic standards when writing a literature review within the field of aesthetic practice.

Literature Review Skills

Welcome to stage 2 of the RPEL assessment process.

If you feel you have met the learning outcomes for stage 2 of the assessment process through previous learning and experience you will not be required to undertake another review of the literature to evidence your literature review skills. If you would like to apply for exemption, you should contact us via email at – indicating your intention to apply for exemption for stage 2 of the assessment process. On receipt of your email we will send you a RPEL mapping document for you to complete and arrange for a professional discussion with a MAP-IQ assessor at a convenient date.
Learners who do not wish to apply for exemption for stage 2 assessment I.e. Literature review skills, will be required to undertake a short Literature Review to demonstrate knowledge and understanding for the learning outcomes for Unit 6.

The literature review task is set by VTCT and graded by a MAP-IQ approved assessor. 

For this task you should start by asking yourself a research question related to your practice in clinical aesthetics. You will then need to undertake a short review of published literature to find the evidence-based answer.  

Think about the times when you have questioned your own clinical practice and wondered if what you are doing is the correct technique or the correct product choice for a treatment indication. Instead of asking for advice from a colleague or posting a question on a social forum in hope of an answer, here you are required to find the answer yourself by researching the published evidence-base. 

To help you prepare for this task, MAP-IQ has provided you with helpful reading materials and resources. These resources can be found in the useful resource section. We recommend that you read through each session before making a start on your literature review.

Once you have decided on your research question to answer, you should undertake a search the relevant databases to find relevant publications to support your review.  You should use the best available evidence to inform your review and answer your question. You should choose a minimum a 3 good quality publications to provide a short review of the evidence-base

Please take time to read the VTCT Literature Review Assignment Brief and understand what is expected of you for stage 2 of the assessment process. 

MAP-IQ has provided you with a list of research questions that you may wish to use to undertake your review. However, you can design and  respond to your own research question should you wish.

The VTCT Literature Review Assignment Brief can be found here.

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