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The Short Answer Response (SAR) Assignment

Welcome to Stage 1 of the Assessment Process 

Please note:  If you feel you have already met the learning outcomes for stage 1 of the assessment process through previous learning and experience, then you will not need to complete the SARs assignment. You should contact us via email at – indicating your intention to apply for exemption for stage 1 of the assessment process. On receipt of your email we will send you a RPEL mapping document for you to complete and arrange for a professional discussion with a MAP-IQ assessor at a convenient date. 

If you do not wish to apply for exemption for stage 1, you will need to complete the SAR assignment for stage 1 of the assessment process. The SAR assessment requires learners to provide responses to four short answer questions associated with clinical aesthetic practice. The subject areas for this assessment process are aligned to the learning outcomes for Unit 1 and Unit 2 which are listed below


LO 1 – Understand the historical, economic and ethical contexts of aesthetic medicine.

LO 2 – Understand the significance of regulation and the role of the regulators within the context of aesthetic medicine.

LO 3 – Understand the key marketing responsibilities in relation to aesthetic medicine.

LO 4 – Understand the health safety requirements associated with aesthetic medicine

LO 1 – Understand the professional responsibilities of healthcare practitioners, in the context of medical aesthetics.

LO 2 – Understand professional responsibilities for pre and post procedural patient consultation.

LO 3 – Understand factors relating to medical aesthetic and appearance psychology.

LO 4 – Understand the role of topical skin care in skin health and appearance.

LO 5 – Use professional judgement to assess patient suitability for treatment.


You will find a copy of the VTCT Short Answer Response (SAR) assignment brief here.  


We strongly recommend that you read through the assignment brief and the sessions below to support and guide you through the SAR assessment stage.

(S1) Proceed to stage 2 assessment

The VTCT Assignment Brief is provided to guide you through the SAR assessment process. The assessment brief also includes indicative assessment markers that will be used by MAP-IQ assessors to grade your assignment. MAP-IQ recommends that you focus your responses on the assessment markers and cross-check against your written responses to ensure you have everything covered, 

The Short Answer Response Assessment Brief can be found here.

Please ensure you have read and adhere to the assignment brief when completing the assignment. We also recommend that you read through the sections below before you complete and submit your assignment. The assignment should be completed using a word document and uploaded via the assignment upload section below. 

You should now proceed to the sessions below which will guide you through this assessment process.