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Welcome to the Study Skills Unit

The study skills session has been designed specifically to support you to prepare for assessment 1 and assessment 2.

For assessment 1 and 2  you are required to respond to the assignment tasks using evidence-based practice and academic writing skills. 

Studying the content of this section before moving on to the assessment stages will ensure that you get off to a flying start!

What are Study Skills?

Study skills are the skills you need to enable you to study and learn efficiently. They are an important set of transferable life skills. People who have good study skills are more likely to see the course through to the end and gain a successful outcome.

These are skills that have to be learned – they are not inherent in all of us. So, learning or indeed ‘brushing up’ on these skills is highly recommended before moving onto the stage 1 and 2 of the assessment process. Having a clear understanding of study skills could be the difference between a pass or a fail.

In this unit, you have access to information and resources that will support your study to gain a successful outcome. Therefore, before moving on to this assessment stages, we suggest you work through the content in this module over the next couple of days, to familiarise yourself with the level of academic writing that is expected for a pass grade.

The Study Skills session aims to support you to:

  • become familiar with the standard of academic work expected for level 7 post graduate education.
  • understand the level of skill needed to successfully complete the assignments.
  • organise yourself to achieve a balance between study, work and personal life.
  • understand the importance of adopting evidence-based medicine (EBM) into your aesthetic practice.
  • understand how to reference your evidence-based academic work.
  • understand how and why you need to reference your work.
  • understand what is meant by plagiarism.
  • understand the nuances of referencing versus plagiarism.
  • understand the difference between good and poor academic writing.

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