APPG Inquiry

You may be pleased to know that APPG inquiry into non-surgical cosmetic procedures will bring oral evidence sessions to an end in MAY 2021  

The All Party Parlimentary Group (APPG) was formed in 2019 to represent the government in the review of the sector and in particular who can perform non-surgical injectable treatment such as botulinum toxin and dermal fillers.  

Throughout  2020 the APPG has listened to and gathered oral evidence from a range of stakeholders as part of an UK government inquiry into the standards of practice when performing non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Industry stakeholders have responded!  

The JCCP has also presented its evidence and is currently working on a comprehensive plan to improve patient safety and better protection for members of public when receiving non-surgical aesthetic treatments.  

The APPG has indicated that they will report on the oral evidence inquiry in the summer 2021. 

APPG inquiry considers licensing around aesthetic treatments 

On Wednesday 21st October, the APPG on Beauty, Aesthetics and Wellbeing held its fourth oral evidence session in its inquiry into non-surgical cosmetic procedures. 

The group is leading an important inquiry into non-surgical cosmetic procedures to investigate how standards for undertaking such treatments, and for their promotion, should be improved to support the beauty and aesthetics industry and protect public safety. You can read more about MAP-IQ’s inquiry here

This evidence session considered the current state of the law surrounding such treatments, and consider whether the current legislative and regulatory regime is robust enough, how licensing requirements vary between devolved nations, the best practices that can be adopted and whether there should be a national standard on licensing which all local authorities should adopt. 

The APPG heard from: 

  • Sarah Clover, Kings Barristers 
  • Charlotte Rose, Senior Environmental Health Officer at Wolverhampton Council 
  • Tamara Sandoul, Policy Manager, Charted Institute for Environmental Health 

Watch the oral evidence session here